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                         Insights from those who have been there......................

If you are reading this website because you need to buy, lease or sell a home then you need to look no further and pick Joni as your realtor.  She looks out for your interests only.  She is very knowledgeable.  My husband and I picked Joni to sell our home.  She spent countless hours photographing our home for a beautiful brochure she put together to present to perspective buyers.  She made the selling experience so pleasant for us that after our second meeting we felt like she was one of our family.  But foremost she is an honest trustworthy realtor who is professional.  We appreciate all her hard work. It paid off because once our home was listed it sold in two days. Also, I have to mention she has a beautiful sprit and you feel wonderful around her.  She is so pleasant to work with.  We are blessed to have Joni as our realtor. 

Teresa and Mark Tantillo

There are many strangers we invite into our private lives out of necessity, such as doctors and lawyers, but not all of them are worthy of our secrets.  However, I have never felt that way about Joni.  She has a unique gift that allows her to understand people on a much deeper level.  The properties she showed me were exactly what I desired for reasons I had not expressed to her in our initial conversations. Her knowledge of the Houston and Memorial area in particular, is unrivaled.  When she researches a home, you can be sure you will get a full history of the property, real estate trends for the area, as well as a list of concerns about the structural integrity, which she will recommend the inspector(s) check in earnest. She even attends the inspections to make sure she has a clear understanding of the inspectors' findings.

 Joni's charm is legendary, and I have seen many people, across the personality spectrum, succumb to it.  I was truly glad to have her as my advocate.  The recommendations she has provided me with for various professionals, from mortgage to home repair, have all been in a league of their own in terms of professionalism and knowledge of their trade.  Only recently I discovered my AC to be malfunctioning.  A technician from the home warranty company recommended two brand new condenser units because the circuit was "fried".  Fortunately for me Joni happened to call that day to see how I was doing, so I told her of my impending $9000 expense.  She immediately called up her AC repair contact for his free assessment. The total repair cost me $400!  But I owe Joni so much more for finding us the perfect home. 

 --Erica and Harrison

Joni made selling our house a very pleasant experience. She secured the best

price and handled unforeseen obstacles in a very professional manner. We had

200% confidence in Joni throughout the entire process. We just wish Joni could be

our realtor in Seattle as well."


Morten and Christa Kristiansen



Joni, anyone who doesn't use you for buying, selling or leasing in the Memorial area is just crazy. Your commitment, knowledge and caring is beyond words.


Kim and Jerianne Thomas



We had lived in Cypress for six years before moving to Somerset. Joni recommended this neighborhood  and we are so grateful for having a realtor that truly gives great advice. We made a great decision and enjoy living here!


Art and Marlen Trujillo



It feels really good to be a homeowner. I can't thank you and David enough for all your help in landing this house, especially YOU for your exceptional patience in dealing with a 'procrastinator' like me. 

Thanks a zillion.

Veera Subramanian



As I reflect back on my house-hunting earlier this year, I am all smiles and full of thanks to you.

As my realtor, you were simply the best..... listening to my requirements to understand what I wanted in a home and a neighborhood, helping me discover features of a home that I had not considered, and spending weekends looking for the right home (God, we looked at many!).  Even when we zeroed in on "the" house, you continued the search, in case that deal fell through.

At every single outing, you came well-prepared, highly organized, and on time.  This made every house-searching trip most effective.

You knew I was pressed for time to buy a home, and you gave me your full attention as you worked around my schedule.  I still marvel at how quickly we found "the" house and sealed the deal.

Since I had not bought a home in 24 years, there was much that I did not remember or know about buying a house.  You patiently explained the process and what to expect at the next step.  You used very competent inspectors that did not hold back, and reported the tiniest flaw to me.  

You were with me, looking out for my best interests every step of the way!  Thank you.

You did not want to sell me a house, you wanted me to be happy in my new home......and I could not be happier.  This home is a reflection of me.  I was totally comfortable in it from Day 1.  So much so, that I look forward to getting home every evening after a hard day's work at the office.  Imagine that!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Silvia Hinkley


We used Joni to buy and sell our last two houses. It was really a great experience working with Joni. Her attention to detail and passion for her work yielded great results. We were able to sell our last house in ONLY 6 DAYS!! We love the house that we are now in and would not dream of using anyone else when buying or selling a house. We recommend that if you are thinking about buying or selling you utilize Joni, you won't regret it!!

Jennifer and Justin


Working in commercial real estate for over 10 years, I have had vast experience working with Realtors in the Houston and national markets. Joni Richards, of Genesis Realty, is not only a true professional but is a distinguished realtor in her field. She has represented my needs as both a buyer and a seller, with a commitment to personal service that exceeds expectations and is unsurpassed. With her superior knowledge of market inventory and trends, coupled with her commitment to excellence, Joni Richards is "THE" Realtor that I would recommend in the Houston residential market.

Monika Mordasini
Director of Client Relations
Falcon Group
Houston, TX 77007


This is to sincerely thank and commend Joni Richards for her extremely professional and untiring support in helping me with the purchase of my first Texas home.

I am glad to have found Joni Richards when I was shopping around for a realtor in Katy, TX.  I knew the first day that we met that this was going to be a really good relationship and that I would get nothing but the best in terms of service and quality. Her attention to detail is impeccable. She is so thorough in her work that I had nothing to worry about when I was with her. She patiently showed me close to 40 homes and strived to ensure that I was getting the best home there possibly was. One great advantage with Joni is that she quickly realizes what your target home needs to be like, based on your preference and ensures that you get it, no matter what. Even with a hard preference of a relatively new, well maintained and extremely clean home with a large well kept yard in Cinco Ranch, Joni tirelessly searched everyday for homes with my requirements. Her home-questionnaire is a very handy tool and definitely helps in making the right decision. Her vast experience and the manner in which she utilizes it to help her customers is second to none. She never mixes work and pleasure, to the point that, it would be fine if I called her late in the evenings. She would even go to the extent of canceling her pre-existing personal plans to cater to me! Her opinion is candid and never misleading or untruthful.

I have absolutely no reservations whatsoever in recommending Joni Richards to anyone who is looking for a home to purchase or sell. Working with someone such as Joni, who is one of the best in the business, experienced, brilliant organization and unmatched honesty is hard to come by.




Exceptional- that is the word we would use to describe Joni Richards.

After accepting a position @ Baylor Medical Center and living in Connecticut it was time to start looking for a new place to live. How was one to find the right place in such a big city?

After searching the web my girlfriend came across Joni's real estate profile. She was very impressed with Joni's experience in the area and her inviting smile. She knew we had found the right real estate agent.

We planned a trip to Houston in early April to view some properties. We searched the web day in day out to find the "ONE". We found several properties that Joni agreed to show us. After being disappointed in the properties we chose and having only one day left before we flew back to Connecticut, Joni said "Can I show you one tomorrow that I think you will like?" It was a little further out than we had originally wanted but agreed.

The next morning we drove out and looked at the Condo. We loved it! Joni found us the "ONE". She was able to get us an amazing home within our budget!

Joni we can't thank you enough for all the help and support you have given us during this move. Not only are you our favorite real estate agent, you are also our friend.


Bala & Robin


We wanted thank you for your help in finding our new home in the Memorial area. Before working
with you we spent a tremendous amount of time researching the area. Based on past real estate experiences,
we expected a buyer's agent would be of little value to us. After selecting you as our agent we were pleasantly
surprised to find that your knowledge of the area and understanding the real estate market view saved us both
time and money. The help you gave us could only come from someone who has lived in the area for several
years. We especially appreciate that you did not waste our time showing us homes that did not meet our
criteria. It is apparent that your primary goals are to treat your clients with integrity and respect and not to
simply.."make the sale".

Thanks Joni!

Scott, Lori and Blair Kelley


Having worked with Joni Richards over the past ten years, I have come to realize first hand how very knowledgeable Joni is when it comes to the Houston real estate market. Not only is Joni savvy in the legalities of buying and selling properties, but she pays special attention to detail, customer care and satisfaction. Particularly impressive is her dedication to go above and beyond the call of duty solely for her clients. In all the real estate transactions Joni has worked, she has been relentless in arranging and coordinating all the myriad of details necessary to complete a deal. If you need a little extra help along the way she will treat you with respect, and in the end you will find that your "Realtor" has become your friend.

Tonya Malone

Genesis Realty

Houston, TX 77024

Phone: 713-465-0524           Mobile: 713-208-5599
Toll Free: 877-360-3344       Fax: 713-465-4040


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